A Ghost of Caribou by Alice Henderson

A Ghost of Caribou is the third book in the Alex Carter series.  Alex Carter is a wildlife biologist, hired by the Land Trust to investigate a blurry photo of a caribou in an area where they were thought long extinct.  Upon arriving, she finds that activists are warring with loggers over an old-growth forest marked for clear-cutting.  It only makes sense they’re not too happy to see her either!  On top of that, a dead forest ranger is found strung up in the town’s park.  There’s also whispers of a backcountry hiker that went missing in that area the year before.

So clearly Alex’s job is more dangerous than the norm and Alice Henderson captures that beautifully.  Having someone that actually works in the field write a wildlife biologist gives the Alex character a real life feel that I found refreshing.  She’s also good at writing action and weaving a story.  I loved the action scenes in all of her books.  They would translate to great movies for sure!

Would I suggest reading this book first? Not really.  You would understand the storyline better if you read the first two books first.  There’s a character in them that returns.  I don’t think you’d really understand that part of the book if you hadn’t read the first two.  You won’t regret it anyway.  All of the books are amazing and has cemented Alice Henderson on my list of favorite authors.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for this review.

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